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Fall Rescheduling Information

Now that you have had a few days to read the messages from Emory regarding the fall semester, we wanted to share with you the next steps related to the registration process. There are many steps we are taking to allow for a safe transition back to campus, and this email will hopefully answer many of the questions you have related to fall registration.

The decision to cancel your current registration for fall semester was one of the more difficult decisions we have made. The College offers more than 2,000 course sections a semester, with over 5,000 students enrolled and 20,000 individual course registrations. The scope of the changes to the course offerings (changing courses to online or in person, adding new courses, cancelling others, and rescheduling almost every course being offered) made this option the only viable alternative.

We do hear, loud and clear, that you may have concerns about this process and the frustration to have to reschedule after already having your fall plan set. We are here to help you make progress in your academic endeavors.

To that end, the goal of this email is to cover three central topics:

  1. Registration for Fall 2020
  2. Summer Advising
  3. Fall Preparation for Online Instruction

Registration for Fall 2020 Semester
As you prepare for pre-registration, we want to share with you the timeline of events.

Please note: Your enrollment period is determined by the number of hours you have earned through Maymester 2020. This means that any Summer Session 1 or 2 current course enrollments are not included in your earned hours, and do not factor into this assignment.
Key Dates

June 16Academic Advising available through College Connect
June 26Enrollment Times Available in OPUS
July 1University Course Atlas updated.
OPUS Shopping Cart Opens
July 9 // 12 pm - 11.59 pmSeniors (90+ earned hours) register for 8 hours
July 10 // 12 pm - 11.59 pmSeniors (90+ earned hours) register remainder of schedule
July 14 // 12 pm - 11.59 pmJuniors (60 – 89.99 earned hours) register for 8 hours
July 15 // 12 pm - 11.59 pmJuniors (60 – 89.99 earned hours) register remainder of schedule
July 17 // 12 pm - 11.59 pmSophomores (0 – 59.99 earned hours) register for 8 hours
July 20 // 12 pm - 11.59 pmSophomores (0 – 59.99 earned hours) register remainder of schedule
July 21 (12 pm) – Aug 1 (11.59 pm)Add/Drop/Swap for continuing and new transfer students
Aug 2 – Aug 16Add/Drop/Swap pauses for continuing and new transfer students to allow Class of 2024 to register
August 17 // 12 pmAdd/Drop/Swap reopens for all students
August 19First Day of Class
August 26 // 11.59 pmAdd/Drop/Swap ends for Fall 2020 Semester

There are a few key points you need to be aware during the re-registration process:

  • Except for graduating seniors and students with documented accommodations, students will be expected to maintain full-time enrollment in the fall semester regardless of whether you are on campus or remote. This means you must be enrolled in at least 12 credit hours.
  • Continuing students may register for up to 19 credits hours. Students who wish to take more than 19 hours should complete the Overload Request form (which will be sent to students prior to registration.) We encourage all students to take fewer than 19 hours this semester and will be reviewing requests from any student who wants to take more than 19 hours. In the spring semester, students reported greater difficulty managing a heavy course load when taking online courses. To graduate in 8 semesters, students only need to take 15-16 hours per semester.
  • You can find a PDF version of your previous fall schedule in the Communication Center on OPUS.
  • If you have any courses in your shopping cart, you should remove them as the information on those courses will not update to show the new meeting patterns.

Summer Advising
Beginning Tuesday, June 16, Academic Advisors in the Office for Undergraduate Education are available to answer any questions or concerns that you might have regarding the fall schedule changes. A full list of drop-in advising hours for returning students has now been posted on College Connect.

There will be significant changes to the course offerings, and many will not be visible in the Course Atlas until July 1. We encourage you to use the time remaining in June to review the Degree Tracker in OPUS. This will give you a clear sense of remaining general education requirements, and hours needed to complete your degree. Academic Advisors are happy to talk with you about your degree progress. This exercise will allow you to map out which types of courses may make the most sense for you to prioritize for the fall semester.

Seniors who plan to graduate in the fall semester and who have specific questions about graduation applications and requirements may contact the Graduation and Commencement Team by email at

Fall Preparation for Online Instruction
We do expect that almost all students will have an online component to their fall schedule. This means that all students will need to have access to appropriate technology. A laptop, web camera, and headphones will be required. These may also be required for in-person courses when other students are online.

Students who have questions about technical specifications should refer to the Student Digital Life website for more information. The College will work with students who have questions or concerns around affordability to make sure they have access to the technology they need. More information on this will be forthcoming.

In closing, we know that many of you are excited about the option to return to campus but may be anxious about rebuilding your schedule. Our staff team in the Office for Undergraduate Education is here to help you work through questions and challenges you may have. We also have provided some frequently asked questions regarding course registration and academics online.

We also know that there are many questions that are left to be answered—particularly around the campus experience outside of your academic pursuits. The Campus Life website is a great resource that will be updated regularly with information as it becomes available.

If you have specific questions regarding fall registration, please reach out to my team via email at


Joanne Brzinski, Ph.D.
Senior Associate Dean for Undergraduate Education
Emory College of Arts and Sciences