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March 10 - Emory College: Message to faculty and staff

Sent on behalf of Sarah Gouzoules, Associate Dean 

Dear Emory Faculty and Staff,

We are continuing to work on our contingency planning for the possibility of remote teaching, as one part of the University’s response to COVID-19.   We can now provide you with a website that contains resources and guides to using our existing technology tools for distance learning.  

This website features a video recording of the workshop that was offered last week to faculty who were able to attend in person.  In addition, you will find links to information and further instructions on how to access and use our primary teaching tools, Canvas and Zoom. We will continue to add content to this site, including short instructional videos of specific tools, as well as links to instructional information provided by our technology experts – so check back on the site each day. 

Please also note that the Teaching and Learning Technologies team is hosting Canvas Essentials for Remote Teaching Workshops online this week.

As noted above, we will continue to add content to the site throughout this week and to direct you to additional online resources at the University. Please let us know if you have any questions.

All Best,


Sarah Gouzoules, Ph.D.
Associate Dean
Office of International and Summer Programs
Emory College of Arts and Sciences
200 Candler Library, Suite 200
550 Asbury Circle
Atlanta, GA  30322
Tel:  404-727-1354
Fax: 404-727-6724