The following is a description of the Emory College of Arts & Sciences Voluntary Faculty Retirement Incentive Program, which provides flexibility and support to eligible tenured faculty members who agree to retire within a specified time period.

The mission of the Voluntary Faculty Retirement Incentive Program is to support tenured faculty in the advancement of their scholarly research and their supervision of graduate students in the final stage of their academic career prior to retirement. The decision to participate is purely voluntary.

This opportunity reflects the current needs and resources of Emory College of Arts and Sciences and may be withdrawn or altered at any time in the future. This special incentive is offered to eligible faculty who (1) submit an application for participation in the Program no later than April 1, 2019 and (2) will retire no later than August 31, 2021.

Whether the Voluntary Faculty Retirement Incentive Program will be reinstated at any time thereafter is entirely at the discretion of Emory, and faculty members should not anticipate that this or any other retirement incentive or transition program will be available after April 1, 2019. Moreover, Emory reserves the right to discontinue this Program at any time before April 1, 2019 in its sole discretion, although it will honor commitments to tenured faculty who have applied, been approved, and are in the transition period defined below.


  • All tenured faculty who will reach age 65 as of the selected retirement date.
  • Must meet the criteria for retirement with benefits (age at least 55, at least 10 years of service, age plus service equal at least 75) at the time of retirement under the program.
  • Emory College of Arts & Sciences may choose to exclude certain faculty in key positions or roles.

Phased Retirement Options for Tenured Faculty

Two options for phased retirement – a one-year or a two-year transition – are available to eligible tenured faculty.