May 19, 2020 Volume 4 Issue 19

Today's Issue

Today’s issue of the Faculty Focus includes faculty survey information on teaching preferences for Fall 2020, staff work expectations for the summer, Faculty 180 deadlines, and more. The next issue of the Faculty Focus will be sent Tuesday, June 2.

Faculty Survey: Teaching Preferences for Fall 2020

The Emory College administration is deeply engaged in planning for the fall semester, which requires aligning our curricular needs and the constraints of our classroom spaces with the teaching preferences of our faculty. Although no decisions have yet been made about Fall 2020, public health guidelines indicate that we will need to offer some courses online even if we are able to mount an on-campus fall.

All College faculty are asked to respond to the short survey distributed on May 19 to determine online vs. on-campus teaching needs and preferences for Fall 2020. Faculty input on teaching preferences and flexibility is essential to model, to the best of our ability, available spaces on campus with course enrollments. The survey does not ask faculty to disclose any information about personal health, the health conditions of family, or any other personal details. Please respond by Thursday, May 21. Email with any questions.

Summer Remote Work Guidelines

All Emory College employees who are not part of the on-campus resumption of research plans should continue to work remotely through, at minimum, August 14. Detailed information and guidelines were emailed to all staff May 19.

In general, to ensure that the research ramp up is successful, anyone not designated in the plan needs to remain working from home where possible. Please work with your direct supervisor if you need further technology or other support to continue working from home successfully.

For those not part of the research ramp-up, very occasional visits to campus for mail, copier use, printing, etc. may be necessary. Please request permission for and coordinate with your supervisor before any such visits to campus. In addition to your supervisor, staff should notify the College Administration via a day in advance of such campus visits to help us manage the flow of individuals across departments within shared buildings.

Faculty 180: Reporting Deadline Monday, June 1

This spring all tenure-track and lecturer-track faculty will enter their activity information encompassing the past year (May 2019 – May 2020) in Faculty 180 instead of through OFARs. Activity information will need to be entered and completed by all regular faculty by the extended deadline on Monday, June 1.

Faculty 180 Training Sessions

Your department chair may have already arranged for a department-specific session but there are also general training sessions available through Zoom. You can access the instruction guide to Faculty 180 on the Office of Faculty website.

The four remaining general sessions available are:

May 21
9 a.m. – 10a.m.
3:30 – 4:30 p.m.
May 27
9 a.m. – 10 a.m.
3:30 – 4:30 p.m.

These sessions will be posted on the Dean of Faculty Outlook calendar so faculty can go there to claim the session link(s). You may also RSVP to the email and we will send you a calendar invite with the Zoom link information.

Daily Office Hour: The Facet team also is holding a daily office hour to answer questions about the new Faculty 180 reporting system. This daily office hour is in addition to already scheduled ECAS-specific Faculty 180 training sessions. The office hour is Monday through Thursday from 1:00-2:00 p.m. and will run through the end of May excluding Memorial Day.

Department and Program Reporting Deadline June 30

The Online Annual Reporting System (OARS) for department and program reporting and recordkeeping is now open and will close June 30. Please contact Lori Cavagnaro,, if you have questions. If you have trouble accessing OARS, please contact Marc Theune at OARS System Administrator.

Emory Writing Center Now Open for the Summer

An experienced crew of tutors—advanced graduate students and undergraduate students—is available for remote consultations from May 19 to August 5 through the Emory Writing Center.

The Center supports course-based writing from all disciplines—sciences, social sciences, and humanities—and non-course-based writing (e.g. application essays, conference posters, etc.) for students in the Emory College of Arts and Sciences and other units, as well as faculty working on teaching materials. Visit to learn more. Appointments are now open for students.

Stories from the Pandemic Project

Emory Telling and Hearing Our Stories (ETHOS) and Emory’s Oral History Project have launched the Stories from the Pandemic Project, a university-wide effort to provide a space for people to reflect on their experiences of the pandemic, to share with others to create communities through stories, and to document this extraordinary moment in Emory’s history.

Stories from the Pandemic, housed on the ILA’s website, will leverage the power of stories to create a shared personal and intellectual experience during the COVID-19 crisis. The website space allows all members of the Emory community – faculty, students, staff, and alumni – to find ways tell their own story, listen to others’ stories, create a story circle, and/or participate in an oral history interview.

Stay Connected

Arts at Emory: Bringing the Arts to You

Arts at Emory has recently compiled stories, events, and collaborative projects into their first Arts at Emory Digital Newsletter. The newsletter, which will go out the first and third Monday of the month, includes podcasts, virtual art galleries, exhibit tours, and more. To subscribe, sign up at the Arts at Emory email club.

Emory College Social Media

Social media is providing an important tool for staying connected with our students and each other. If you or your department is active on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, please be sure to follow @emorycollege on your posts. Please share, comment, and like our posts as well to help build and support our virtual college community. Email April Hunt,, with any questions.

University Updates

Refer to the University’s COVID-19 Website for the latest University-wide updates, including useful information and resources specifically for faculty, staff, and students.