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Emory College of Arts and Sciences, in conjunction with the Laney Graduate School, Rollins School of Public Health, and the Law School, offer five-year, combined bachelor’s and master’s degree programs to currently enrolled students.  These selective programs require an application to be considered for admission.  Interested students should consult with their advisors to discuss the appropriateness and applicability of this program for the student’s future goals before applying. Students may also wish to consult with the program coordinator in the relevant program before making a final decision to apply.

Each department sponsoring a 4+1 program has its own admissions deadlines, criteria, and application process.  Application deadlines for existing programs range from first semester of junior year to a week after graduation, so please refer to the information on each department’s website for specific information. 

Most students in these programs take both undergraduate and graduate classes during their fourth year and only graduate classes during their fifth year.

Important Note: Scholarship and Financial Aid

Students should be advised that financial aid policies for graduate study are different than those for undergraduate study. Students should consult with the graduate department associated with their chosen program to learn more about financial aid opportunities for graduate study in those departments.