If you have been awarded AP credit for any of the Tech required courses, Tech will award course credit if the AP course credit appears on your Emory transcript. For the minimum test scores required at Tech, see: http://admission.gatech.edu/transfer/transfer-credit 

To see how previous course work will transfer from other universities, please use the Transfer Equivalency table at https://oscar.gatech.edu. Any courses not listed on the table, must be evaluated by the appropriate academic department at Tech before credit can be awarded.


  1. If you would like to have a writing sample evaluated for GT English 1101 or 1102 credit, please follow the below process after you have submitted your online transfer application: Request English evaluation via https://transfercredit.gatech.edu/index.php  (Buzzport login)

  2. Upload course  information (syllabus)

  3. Upload writing sample (contact Dr. Frazee for paper requirements – GT English contact  Dr. Andy Frazee (andy.frazee@lmc.gatech.edu). The writing sample should be a minimum 7-10 page research paper with at least five correctly-cited sources.