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Emory University provides advising for current students interested in pursuing the Dual Degree Program with Georgia Tech. Due to the high volume of interested and prospective students, and the priority given to currently enrolled Emory students. Advisors are available for Emory University and Oxford College at Emory University admitted and matriculated students only.

All prospective students should contact the Emory University Office of Admission to help ascertain if the Dual Degree Program is a good match for you.

Emory College Dual Degree Advisor:
Dean Cora MacBeth, PhD
Assistant Dean, Office for Undergraduate Education
300 White Hall, 301 Dowman Dr.
Office hours, open hours, telephone and Skype advising sessions are available upon request.

Emory University’s Goizueta Business School Dual Degree Advisor:
Dr. Andrea Hershatter
1300 Clifton Road

Emory University: Career Center
Dr. Paul Fowler

Emory University: Financial Aid
Erik Lips

Emory University: ARCHE Cross Registration
ARCHE Cross Registration:
Tyhuna Nelson
Oxford College at Emory University:
Dr. Paul Oser

Emory University: Office of Admission

Georgia Tech: Career Services
Lanie Damon

Georgia Tech: Financial Aid
Jennifer Mullins
Aaron Gamboa