Beginning at Emory

The Dual Degree program is not an official major at Emory College. Rather it is an academic opportunity for undegraduate students, with an interest in Engineering, to pursue bachelors degrees at both Emory College and Georgia Institute of Technology (GA TECH). The minimum amount of time to complete both degrees is 5 years; however, the length of the program could take longer depending on the student's academic interests and studies.

The program is sequential and students will receive 2 degrees at the completion of the program.

Planning for this program is very important, as the academic requirements are intense and rigorous. Students should consult with the Dual Degree advisor to find out about the prerequisite courses needed for transfer (subject to change depending on the year student's apply to GA TECH) and the requirements needed to complete a degree with Emory College.

Program Registration and Requirements

Students who intend to pursue the Dual Degree Program with Georgia Tech should complete the following steps:

  1. Choose an engineering major(s) approved by the Georgia Institute of Technology for the Dual Degree Program. Click here to see a list of programs available
  2. Register your intent to pursue the Dual Degree Program
  3. Complete your General Education Requirements (GERs) at Emory. (Emory will waive one Continuing Writing course.)
  4. Complete the pre-requisites for your engineering major(s). Click here to view the GA Pre-Requisite Matrix
  5. Complete your major courses and a minimum of 100 credit hours at Emory.
  6. You must have both an overall GPA and math and science GPA above a 3.0.
  7. Meet with Emory’s Dual Degree advisor, and complete the Pre-Transfer Certification Form, before you apply in your last semester at Emory to transfer to Georgia Tech.
  8. Apply to transfer to Georgia Tech, admission is assured if you meet all of the above Dual Degree Program Requirements.
  9. During your final semester at Georgia Tech, you need to apply to graduate from Emory College as well as Georgia Tech.Do not apply to graduate from Emory until your final semester at Georgia Tech. You will be awarded each degree, separately, at the end of the Program. You will apply to graduate from both universities, receive two diplomas and two degrees: one from Emory, and one from the Georgia Institute of Technology.