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Frequently Asked Questions

How should I name items in Cascade?

The naming conventions for Cascade are as follows:

  • The system name should be typed in all lowercase letters or numbers. You cannot use capitals, punctuation, or special characters.
  • Do not use spaces between words, seperate words using hypens.
  • These rules also apply to naming images and documents.
System Name:
Troubleshooting & Getting Help

Can I use Google Calendar on my website?

For departments that need more control over their events calendar than provided with Trumba, Google Calendar may be an option. Please understand that events within your Google Calendar cannot be automatically loaded into the University and College calendars. To have your events also listed on these calendars, you will still need to post the event to Trumba according to the Emory's Trumba guidelines.

We offer limited support with Google Calendars. We will help you with the integration of an existing Google Calendar into your College supported website. Unfortunately, we can not offer assistance with the set up or management of your Google Calendar.

For more information or to set up a Google Calendar, visit

How can I display Atlas and Catalog information on my website?

Course atlas listings by term and subject code, course descriptions by subject code, and specific majors or minors are able to be embedded into your website. These descriptions and listings are automatically updated. This is done by adding custom scripts on any interior page of your website. If you are interested in adding this information to your site, contact Kizzy Williams.

How do I prepare images for the heroshot on my website?

You can utilize the photo editing tools inside of Cascade Server to edit a picture. The hero photo needs to be exactly 716 pixels by 318 pixels (or 960 pixels by 318 pixels if using the full width hero) to work within the template. To reduce the photo to the correct size, enter 716 pixels into the width field and click the reduce button (button with 4 arrows). Then, use the crop tool (click and drag the curser over the image) to crop the image down to 318 in height. It ends up being trial and error since there is nothing to show you the exact size of the crop until you click on the crop button. If you are way off, use the undo button and try again.

One more thing, remember that all photos need to have an extension (.jpg, .png, .gif) when you upload them to your website in Cascade. You cannot edit them in Cascade without an extension and they will often not display properly on your website without an extension.

How do I access my website?

If you are trying to connect to an existing website for which you are an approved editor, contact Kizzy Williams.

In addition, non-Emory, external vendors require a department-sponsored account, which should be requested online at (select the option for sponsored accounts).

How do I get a custom Emory domain name?

All requests for URLs MUST be approved by the Emory College Communications and Emory University Communications and Public Affairs.

Per university policy, generic or abstract virtual server names (e.g., are prohibited and each group receives only one domain name.

Individual faculty sites and group sites will be located within department sites (e.g., or, and must be approved by the Emory College Communications and the department chair.

To learn more about requesting a new Emory domain, please see:

How do I clear the cache in my browser?

If you need to clear your browser's cache, please refer to the instructions for your specific browser.

My website does not load in the web browser.

If you are unable to access your website through your browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari), the problem is likely a network problem and Emory is already working to fix it. You should report such problems to Emory's IT department by submitting a request at or by calling 404-727-7777.