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Cascade Server

Emory University has developed an online documentation guide for the Standard Template Version 2.0. To determine if you have a V2 site in Cascade, look in your site's directory for a "_site-configuration" folder. If this folder is not present in your site, the features detailed in this documentation will not be available to you. Basic use of Cascade as a Content Management System is also covered in the online documentation guide within the "Cascade 101" section.

The Standard Template Style Guide is available for a visual catalog of elements available in Standard Template V2. Additional web guidelines are available through Emory University Communications and Public Affairs.

Emory College Documentation

Cascade 8 Training for New Users of the Standard Template



Trumba Calendar is our supported event and calendering system. If you are interested in having an events calendar on your departmental site, or you are experiencing problems with your calendar on your website, please contact Brian Williams.

Unfortunately, once an event has been submitted, you are unable to make changes to the event yourself. If you need to make changes to an already submitted event, please email

Submitting Events

Events are submitted through the Emory Events Calendar website. You will need to login with an Emory ID to submit an event. You will receive an automated email confirming your event submission. Please allow at least 72 hours for your event to be reviewed and approved by a calendar editor. It is the submitter's responsibility to verify an event's appearance in the main calendar.

Emory University reserves the right to reject or edit submissions for grammar, style, accuracy and objectionable content.

Selecting Appropriate Information

The University Event Topic field should directly communicate the nature of the event. For example, if you event is a fund raiser, select the Fund Raiser event topic. The Academic Event topic is reserved for such events as Exam Periods, Registrations, Orientation and Class Schedules.

The School field determines which school's calendar to include your event on. Departments, Programs, and Offices that falls under the Emory College purview, should select Emory College. This will also grant the Web Team with the ability to support your event.

The Department/Organization field communicates all departments and organizations involved with the event. This field will also direct your event to your departmental calendar when your department or organization has been selected.